Irregular Bowel Movements

by admin on May 29, 2012

Our digestive system plays a very important role when it comes to the distribution of nutrients throughout our body, and the elimination of wastes. Having an irregular bowel movement is very common in each of us and there are many reasons why we often experience this.


The number one cause is your diet. The amount and kind of food you eat at a certain time affects on how it can be digested in the body. Stress can also impinge your digestion because your digestive muscles tend to be weaker when stressed out; thus, the food cannot be digested properly.


Because irregular bowel movements are so common, we might think this not something we put more attention to. But if this is being ignored a lot, it may lead to a serious illness that can be irreversible. So as early as the condition arises, you must take action by finding a cure right away.

You don’t have to necessarily go to the hospital or buy expensive medicines. Treating irregular bowel movements can be achieved by using home remedies. Depending on what the condition is has a specific antidote and procedure that you can do on your own at home.

The most common irregular bowel movements are diarrhea and constipation. Here are a brief description of each and how we can alleviate them with easy home remedy procedures. Diarrhea – this is a condition wherein you experience having frequent bowel movements that appear to have loose to liquid stools. This is sometimes caused by malabsorption of fats or when the food you consume contains harmful bacteria that are transmitted in the body.


Continuous diarrhea may lead to severe dehydration and sometimes death. As soon as diarrhea occurs, it is important to treat them with these home remedies: Wheatgrass powder dissolved in a glass of water – This remedy is effective in alleviating diarrhea from irritable bowel syndrome. After drinking, follow with a glass of water. Activated charcoal – this is applied when your diarrhea is caused by toxins.


The charcoal absorbs these toxins, therefore stopping the cause of diarrhea. Follow with a glass of water. Black tea- this contains tannins that is an example of an astringent substance that helps stop the occurrence of diarrhea by decreasing inflammation of the intestines. Constipation – constipation refers to irregular bowel movements that are less frequent or difficult to pass.


Constipation is commonly caused by poor bowel habits, lack of fiber intake and stress. When you experience constipation, take note of these effective remedies: Guava – eating a guava, together with the seeds, helps provide roughage to the food; thus, resulting to regular bowel movement. Lemon juice – drinking lemon juice that is mixed with warm water helps dissolve the impacted stool. Epsom salt – dissolve about a teaspoonful of salt with ½ glass of warm water twice a day and it will promote to a regular passage of stool. It is advisable to take it before bedtime.
Irregular bowel movements may be very irritating, especially when you are on a busy schedule or on your way to an important event. These home remedies are affordable yet effective that would surely treat these conditions.

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